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Pom & Berry Breeze Simply T Packets (Berry Flavors)

Pom & Berry Breeze Simply T Packets (Berry Flavors)

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Try Pom & Berry Breeze for the perfect mix of Pomegranate, Berry, and a tropical energizer. Each packet contains electrolytes to energize and hydrate while tasting delicious. Enjoy the perfect blend of flavors for maximum refreshment.

    • Pomegranate
    • Berry
    • Tropical Energizer
    • Electrolytes
    • Contains Green Tea
    • Sugar Free
    • 160 mg Caffeine


    • Add 1 packet to 6oz of water in a blender bottle
    • Shake It Up!
    • Pour over ice in a 32oz cup
    • Ice/water ratio will be dependent on personal preference.
    • Top it off with Water!

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