Collection: Simply T

A refreshing combination of green tea, vitamin loaded energy booster and sugar free flavoring to create your new favorite afternoon pick-me-up!

The Facts:

  • Sugar Free
  • 20 calories
  • 160mg Natural Caffeine from Green Tea + Vitamin B
  • Loaded with Vitamins + Antioxidants
  • Collagen Booster added if specified in description


  • Add 1 packet to 6oz of water in a blender bottle
  • Shake It Up!
  • Pour over ice in a 32oz cup
  • Ice/water ration will be dependent on personal preference.
  • Top it off with Water!

* sweetened primarily with Stevia but also a small percentage of aspartame (example: crystal light products)

*as with all caffeinated beverages, consume responsibly.

*Recommended to add at least 32oz of water.